Why I Write

September 07, 2016 0 Comments writing, becoming, dialogue

Writing is becoming animal, flow, idea, energy, mass, transformation, desire, life, death, technology, medium, message, other, human, alien, quanta, and movement. It is mostly the in-between; writing is in-between you and me; wait — but first writing is between me and language; articulation, thought (a struggle, if you will; a conflict within myself to get something out that can ignite a movement of thought within an audience, even if it’s meant to be an audience of one as in a diary or journal, which many of us have kept at one point or another. Writing is a connection within an author, within a reader, within a community, within a nation, within a collective imagination. Writing is mediation and requires a medium. And within this medium it seeks to mediate a message. Writing is ideation declared, yet never finished.

Writing is a struggle between me and my interlocutor, more on this word later; you the reader, a comrade, who I encourage to speak to me bluntly in the honest way good friends should. In blogs, one of us writes, the other responds (sometimes). Sometimes one territorializes the (other) for awhile and goes on a rant; the (other) is always present and {{eternally}} returns. We edit each others language; we argue, we laugh, we notate, we mediate, we communicate.

Therefore for me writing is a form of becoming-life, of releasing my perception and telling my story of how I've experienced the moments that are ever so precious in this life. These musings might be philosophical in nature; they may be extremely personal in nature; or they may be creative in nature exploring my reactions to today's pop culture (books, music, movies, apps). I'll also cover the topics of startup and entrepreneurship as this is the work I choose to dedicate myself to.

I hope to keep this as a semi-daily exercise. Blogging helps me express the inexpressible in a way that I hope remains (un)relatable to the reader; in a way that causes just enough discomfort to encourage learning. Each blog post is an invitation, an invitation for an open dialogue between me and the world.

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