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February 19, 2017 0 Comments customer service, mobile, build, startups, product

I'm working with a couple of startups who are building really awesome products; when I get to work with a cool startup I want to highlight it here on Build and Dream. The first of these startups is, customer service for the mobile generation.

I am sure many of you are familiar with the scene from their marketing video where an individual is stuck in phone tree hell waiting to have an issue resolved.

This is the pain point from the customer side of the market that they are trying to solve. They want customers to have seamless customer service, especially in a world where the customer expects on the go, multi-channel, personalized and efficient customer service. Sadly, tools to-date in the industry have failed to provide every day businesses, retailers, and service providers the ability to provide this level of service for their customers. democratizes customer service making it easy for the entire industry to provide the customer service the mobile generation demands.

When a retailer has's SDK installed on their website or application, a customer will be able to start a customer service conversation with the business on the via chat, call, video, or text. They won't have to leave the app or website to do any of this. Their conversations and user data will persist across all of these channels so their will be a system of record for all of their conversations that the agents will have access to. In this way, Cingo is making customer service more convenient for the end customer. A customer can specify a call back time, method of contact, or start a direct chat so their is no extra time being spent that doesn't have to be. In this way, Cingo saves the end customer time. Finally, since Cingo takes advantage of your past conversations to better predict how to serve you in the future, you will received personalized customer service. Cingo also has an app for you to download where you can see your entire customer service industry across retailers.

Businesses also benefit from having Cingo installed in their web and mobile apps. In addition to happier customers, a value which can't be underestimated, Cingo gives the retailer a truly omnichannel system of record. This allows customer service agents to cut down on repetitive data entry and instead focus on providing better personalized service. Secondly, bad experiences like phone trees account for 49% of customers switching businesses as a result of this bad customer experience; all in all this costs the industry $62 billion dollars a year. Lastly, Cingo's infrastructure is built on webRTC meaning they can provide all the channels in one single channel technically and reduce infrastructure costs of maintaining different channels.

In conclusion, Cingo is a mobile-first customer service platform for consumers and retailers. Cingo provides systems of record for agents and customers. Cingo has unified the channels of voice, text, chat, and video into a single channel technically and cost wise. Retailers are able to collect mobile data that allows them to provide better customer service and market better down the road. And lastly, Cingo's use of machine learning, AI, and predictive customer service will make for disruptive potential down the road. It's a pleasure to be working with them and I look forward to seeing them grow.

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