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February 19, 2017 0 Comments Trujay Group, SaaS, operations, integration, migration

Trujay Group is another startup here in Austin, Texas that I am helping out. They are a superb team of integration and systems experts that deliver integrations between all of today’s market-leading systems, databases, and other data sources. They provide the important service of data integration and migration between the systems businesses use to run their marketing, sales, product, and people operations. This may not seem like sexy work but it's incredibly valuable work that I feel has been undermined and left behind in the move to SaaS and cloud systems.

Think of it this way. Business users today are really adept at using technology to perform their jobs more efficiently. Sales teams live and breath out of Salesforce, marketing teams love Hubspot, product teams conduct their weekly sprints out of Pivotal Tracker. They can customize it to meet their workflow and often use it in a very personalized way with their own ticks and habits. However, when it comes to the logistics of SaaS (i.e. choosing the right SaaS system for your size team, purchasing user licenses, setting up an organization with proper role-based access controls for scaling in the future, ensuring consistency and cleanliness of data across all users so proper knowledge sharing can occur within the company, etc.), the regular business user often lacks the proper insight, skill or time to get right. This is where Trujay comes in. Because they know SaaS systems inside and out and because they have years of experience building SaaS products, their APIs, and dev tools, the Trujay Group is able to provide you with all that extra plumbing necessary to keep your SaaS systems and thus your business operations up and running.

So what specifically can they help you with? Well it's the new year and many companies are going through their annual purchasing cycles. This means in with new software and out with the old. This inevitably requires businesses to find a way to backup their data out of their old system, clean it up, and migrate some form of that data to the new system. Trujay can easily perform this migration for you -- not only will they perform the job in a technically proficient manner but they will act as strategy advisors and consultants to you and develop with you a data strategy for your business.

Secondly, the new form of business process management often comes from the implementation of SaaS systems. By this I mean that SaaS systems often provide business users with the ability to automate workflows that are critical business functions such as lead generation. However, even if the lead generation process is automated, this data needs to be shared across business units (product for roadmap ideas, sales to close deals, and marketing to create content). This is where integration of SaaS systems and Trujay Group comes in yet again. If you have an integration need, whether it's a common SaaS system or a homegrown solution, Trujay can help you out.

Beyond being a great service company, they have some awesome products coming down the pipeline that will make them an even more powerful venture. But for now, until some of those can be announced, if you need someone to run your SaaS logistics, do a technical migration or integration, or even run the product integrations for your SaaS company, reach out to Trujay Group today!

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