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February 26, 2017 0 Comments build, mobile, marketing, Airtory, ads

I began to engage with another fascinating startup this week; their name is Airtory. Airtory believes that ads can be so much more than an in your face call for attention and brand recognition. Ads are an opportunity to open up a conversation with your customers; you can tell stories, learn from them and have them interact with your brand. It turns the customer from a passive consumer into an active influencer and engager with your brand. I really connected with this mission and story and think they have the platform for making it easy to deliver these interactive rich media mobile ad experiences to consumers and businesses everywhere.

Airtory is solving a major problem for small to large businesses everywhere: the creation of rich, creative, engaging advertisements that are mobile-responsive and can be easily integrated into your advertising platforms is hard work for businesses. Airtory is a platform that allows you to create over 20 unique interactive rich media ads that are mobile responsive and can be exported to your ad network after creation. The best part is you can do this in less than 10 minutes time and it requires zero technical knowledge. This allows your marketing operations team to handle ad creation themselves rather than getting designers and engineers involved speeding up your time to delivery in your mobile advertising efforts. More importantly, than time to delivery, however, you are creating interactive ads that open up conversations with your users in ways that are optimized for conversions and high click-through rates! Your customers have a memorable interaction with you and you get more of their business.

After you have built your ads on Airtory's easy-to-use platform, you will want to A/B test ad formats against each other and collect analytics. Airtory does this seamlessly for you and provides you valuable real-time information about your campaigns. Impression tracking, heat maps that show you user interactions with ads and UX improvement suggestions, and geo-tagging to help you see the size of your outreach are all included in the platform. Every day the team at Airtory is focused on providing actionable data to brands so they can capture more of customers' attentions.

But as I said at the beginning of this post, what inspired me about Airtory's story was that not only were they democratizing this highly effective ad technology for businesses everywhere but that they wanted to change the story of what ads fundamentally are. Ads can be experiences that delight customers rather things that are dreaded and ignored. So if you want to make your ads something that your customers want to engage with, I highly recommend reaching out to Airtory for early access into their platform today!

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