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Groove Solutions is another local Austin company here in town that I have had the pleasure of engaging with recently. I am sure that many of you are tired of software consultants or agencies coming in and charging you hundreds of thousands of dollars per an engagement; especially because at the end of these engagements you are often burnt out, aggravated and not really sure you have gotten the full value for your spend. Well, I am going to tell you to trust consultants one more time because Groove Solutions has disrupted the digital consulting industry with a new, innovative model built around ensuring each individual company they engage with sees success fine-tuned to their business needs and saves money and sees a substantial ROI because of the engagement.

The first thing that makes Groove Solutions' engagement model successful is that they pair you with a team that innately understands your industry. They have partnered with a number of industry partners that have expertise in designing, implementing, and measuring digital solutions in a variety of industries including eCommerce, retail, consumer product goods, venture capital, inventory management and logistics, etc. These industry experts will be the team you engage with from start to finish at Groove Solutions and are much more primed to help you than the generic business consultants you generally encounter.

The second thing that makes engaging with Groove a treat is their unique approach to using design thinking throughout three phases of engagement with their client: Design, Deliver and Succeed. Design thinking is a "method of meeting people’s needs and desires in a technologically feasible and strategically viable way." Design thinking constitutes a marriage of holistic strategic thinking and specificity of implementation. They help you design goals that are realistic for your business and will help you scale while cutting costs. Lastly, they solve the common dilemma of not enough planning and understanding of the problem by purely agile processes and the lengthy development cycles of waterfall approaches.

The first phase of this approach, Design, includes a number of design thinking tasks including ideation, journey maps, customer development interviews, and prototypes. It also includes business strategy tasks including process maps, model canvases, and thought leadership. This allows them to determine a holistic understanding of your needs and the specific problems your are trying to solve. During this phase, they will also gain an understanding of your current digital landscape and through their partners with SaaS providers worldwide will help scope out cuts to your current technology stack and optimizations and new buys at reduced rates that will help you achieve your goals.

The second phase of their approach, Deliver, includes technology services including lean development, strategic partner implementations of SaaS solutions, and agile management and coaching. This coupled with enablement and training services like on-site consultation, documentation and quality assurance will help you implement tech solutions in less time than typical consultants and with an eye towards optimization of process and long-term maintenance. Also, because Groove Solutions is SaaS system agnostic, you do not have to be worried about being upsold packages you do not need!

The last phase brings you the last step home towards your goals and helps you achieve what every business wants, to Succeed! Groove Solutions has an innovation pledge that provides you RTB support, an extensive partner network to grow your business and designers at the ready to measure, optimize, and refine your digital solution. You are also ensure long-term support and will have your own client success manager, 24/7 access to the team, and automated metrics that prove that your engagement with Groove Solutions is a success. With Groove you go beyond strategy-based strategy solutions and towards holistic digital implementations that help your company reach its most ambitious goals.

So no matter what your digital problems are, where you are at during the SaaS tech implementation lifecycle, and what goals you want to achieve, reach out to Groove Solutions to meet your digital operation needs! Operations are some of the most under-appreciated but critical aspects of scaling a company. You should put it in the hands of an organization of industry experts who have seen success before and know what works. Cut your costs and scale your team - contact Groove Solutions today!

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