Habits, Repetition and Creative Evolution

Something I have been thinking about lately as I have gotten back into the habit of writing on a semi-consistent basis is the importance of habits to creative evolution and innovation in our lives, business ventures, and any skill you are trying to perfect. So lets break down how this creative evolution happens and how you can adopt positive habits in your daily lives.

First, it is important to understand that habits are built upon repetition. This seems intuitive to most people but people do not understand the importance of repetition to building up an activity as a habit before it becomes habitual to you and you let it flow from you on a consistent basis. Two of my favorite philosophical thinkers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari develop this conception that in repetition, difference is immanent. This means that while building up a habit is repetitive, every time you do it, you will experience it differently, even if this difference is slight. Subconsciously at first, and consciously if you think about it, you will with repetition pick up unique insights that make the skill easier and hence more habitual to you. You will experience growth in your habit in fits and starts; the reason here being that you are learning each day and progressing slowly but big "aha" moments, those creative evolutions and innovations mentioned earlier will come quick, even though they have been boiling under the surface for a long time.

Secondly, it is important to note that habits compound on each other. What I mean here is that habits, no matter how small empower you to achieve your other habits more easily. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that there is a dopamine effect with achieving success and thus if you are constantly building habits and growing in each of those skills you will feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. This will make it easier to achieve success in other areas. The second is that when you have a routine in your life, the crazy moments of life (which are a lot more frequent than most people give credit to) won't seem as crazy. The reason being that your routine will make you think that everything is largely stable but there's just a minor deviation to deal with.

The habits I am currently working on developing are my writing and hence one of the functions of this blog. Another habit is working out more and eating healthier food that I myself cook (hence reducing the amount of eating out). Lastly, I have started a garden (more on that to come soon). I hope to experiment with growing my own food to reduce my own carbon footprint but also build a habit of working and playing outside more. I feel like I have been spending too much time indoors of late. Habits are easier to build with a strong network that holds you accountable. Please hold me accountable in my habits.

In conclusion, what habits are you building? How can I help you achieve success in your daily, monthly and yearly goals? What creative evolutions or insights have you experienced because of daily habitual hard work? Comment below and share this post with people you feel would find it beneficial.

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